Pinewoods committees are composed of board members and other interested and knowledgeable people.  Each committee oversees an aspect of camp business.

  • Executive Committee: Joanna Reiner Wilkinson (chair), Warren Anderson, David Chandler, David Conant, Marissa Roque
  • Facilities:  Warren Anderson (chair), Eileen Callahan, Bill Card, Bill Cronin, Carl Mastandrea (staff), Tony Baker (staff), Nathaniel Smith, Deborah Kruskal, Mark Ward
  • Development:  Margaret A. Carver, David Conant, Chuck Gordon, Gene Murrow, Marissa Roque, Carl Mastandrea (staff), Nathaniel Smith
  • Finance:  David Conant (chair), Eileen Callahan, Bill Cronin, Carl Mastandrea (staff), Joanna Reiner Wilkinson, Tom Kruskal, Barbara Finney
  • Communications: Margaret A. Carver (chair), Jan Elliott (Post editor), Eileen Callahan, Chuck Gordon, Sue Rosen, Carl Mastandrea (staff)
  • Nominating: Dragan Gill, Chuck Gordon, Annette Sassi
  • Personnel: David Chandler (chair), Warren Anderson, Marissa Roque, Annette Sassi, David Shewmaker, Joanna Reiner Wilkinson
  • Archives: Dragan Gill
  • Centennial: Nathaniel Smith (chair), Margaret A. Carver, Marissa Roque, David Shewmaker, Joanna Reiner Wilkinson, Carl Mastandrea (staff)
  • Scholarship: Dragan Gill (co-chair), Jan Elliott (co-chair), Jan Burdick, Carl Mastandrea (staff), Tom Kruskal, Eileen Callahan, Mark Ward

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Pinewoods Green: David Conant (chair), Marissa Roque, Warren Anderson, Carl Mastandrea (staff), Tony Baker (staff), Deborah Kruskal
  • Map 69 Committee: David Conant, Jan Elliott, Hank Chapin