Staff and Crew

Year Round Staff

Head of Grounds

Head of Grounds and Pinewoods Camp caretaker since 2018, Dennis Carchedi is involved in the building of bathrooms, tables, benches, chairs, and the repairing of windows, porches, docks, etc., as well as the monitoring of camp’s water supply and septic systems.

Interim Executive Director

Warren fell in love with Pinewoods during his first CDSS American Dance Week in the 1980’s. Warren has enjoyed attending CDSS, Boston Centre CDS 4th of July Weekend, English-Scottish Session and the RSCDS Boston Branch Scottish Sessions, attending two or more sessions at camp each summer since 1993. He and his wife and daughter have also attended CDSS Family and Campers’ Week and English-Scottish Session. He is deeply attached to the camp and looks forward to returning each summer. Nominated to the PCI Board of Directors by CDSS in 2006, Warren’s fourteen years of service included three as chair of the Facilities Committee, two as Vice President, and five as President. He also provided volunteer architectural services for seven projects funded by the Legacy Campaign and constructed between 2009 and 2017.

Warren and his wife, a retired professor of law and social justice attorney, met at the BFMS Lovely Lane contra dance in Baltimore in the fall of 1988. Their daughter Amelia grew up coming to CDSS Family and Campers’ Weeks. Warren is a retired architect. His other interests include painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, ceramics, cooking, reading, and of course, dancing.


During camp season each summer, a crew of about 15 people - some paid and some volunteers - work together as teams in the kitchen, on the grounds, in the office to help each session at Pinewoods run smoothly and comfortably. See the jobs page for further information about working on crew.

2019 Crew

Sophie Bady Kaye, Amanda Barbour, Kathryn Barbour, Isaac Burr, Sam Howe, Alix Janssen, Jack Janssen, Anne Kennedy, Elliot Layton, Morgan Lobrose, Emilie Moore, Cameron Mueller-Harder, Rowyn Peel, Fiona Rogers, Thom Yarnal