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NGI Recipient: Ben Roberts

Session Attended: CDS Boston Centre - Labor Day Weekend (2011)

Words are hard coming when trying to describe how wonderful Labor Day weekend at Pinewoods was for me this year. The things I have learned and the friends I have made on that weekend will stay with me for life. The experience of playing music from Mexico to Bulgaria on my Ukulele with my fellow campers was something I shall not forget any time soon. The honor of playing my bagpipes to march everyone into the great costume dance on Sunday night is an experience I hope never slips form my mind. Swimming in the fresh clear waters with my new found friends to cool off from dancing is a memory I will cherish for ever. It may sound corny but I would argue Pinewoods, not Disney, is the happiest place on earth. The slow days, relaxed atmosphere, and the people make it a place worth coming back to year after year.