Annual Appeal

Our Annual Appeal Letter is sent out in the fall of each year. The Annual Appeal Letter for 2020–21 is below. You can download the Pinewoods Donation Form here.

December 2020

Dear Friends, 

How are you doing? If nothing else, the chaos of 2020 has shined a spotlight on ideas we at Pinewoods Camp have long valued – fellowship, appreciation of common needs, and a sense of joint responsibility. Simply stated, community.

Not seeing our friends at Pinewoods Camp this past summer deepened our commitment to support the wellbeing of our community. We are heartened to see members of this community reaching out to one another, checking in, providing support and kindness when it was needed most. Throughout the year, Pinewoods Camp, along with our partnering organizations, found ways to aid the staff, musicians, callers, and sound techs left out of work as dances and camps were cancelled in response to Covid-19. We offered financial support, virtual convenings, social media levity, and gestures of gratitude to help keep our collective spirits alive. 

How are we doing? Pinewoods Camp is managing this profound disruption as best we can. We are fortunate to have a strong history of prudent financial and disaster scenario planning, which we’ve relied on to weather our first summer since the Second World War without campers. With careful work and a touch of optimism, we continue to navigate an executive transition and an uncertain public health future. Together, with our partnering organizations, we are exploring options and investing in measures to safely welcome campers back to Pinewoods Camp. 

With that in mind, we are asking you – our community – to contribute to our ongoing efforts to respond to the global pandemic and maintain our solid financial footing. Your donation will help us ensure that, for years to come, Pinewoods Camp will be in a good position to support our friends, neighbors, and fellow community members regardless of what disasters may come our way.  

We look forward to the day when we will dance and sing together under the pines!

In Gratitude,

Warren Anderson
Interim Executive Director
Pinewoods Camp, Inc.

Martin Barbour
President, Board of Directors
Pinewoods Camp, Inc.