Pinewoods committees are composed of board members and other interested and knowledgeable people.  Each committee oversees an aspect of camp business.

Executive: Warren (chair), Marissa, Eileen, Nathaniel, David Conant

Facilities (CFC) – Eileen (chair), Martin, Bruce, Carl

Development: Gene Murrow (Chair), Carl, David Conant, Nathaniel, Chuck, Gene, Marissa, Martin

Finance: Carl, Tom Kruskal, David Conant (Chair), Barbara Finney, Bill Cronin, Lars

Communications: Sue (Post Editor & Chair), Eileen, Dragan

Nominating: Sarah (chair), Jan, Sue

Personnel: Annette (Chair), Warren, David Shewmaker, Gene, Marissa

Archives: Dragan, Kate

Scholarship: Dragan (chair), Jan Elliott, Tom Kruskal, Carl, Jan Burdick, Sarah

Ad hoc Committees

Strategic Planning: Jan Burdick, Kate Harvey, Sarah Babbitt SpaethAd Hoc Committees: