Staff and Crew

Year Round Staff

Executive Director

Carl Mastandrea is the Executive Director of Pinewoods Camp. Carl oversees all camp business and operations, year-round. He works with the Program Providers to ensure a seamless interface between the camp and the programs and oversees the operation of the kitchen and all the camp’s facilities and its crew. He also represents the face of Pinewoods Camp in the larger community of Plymouth.

Head of Grounds

Head of Grounds and Pinewoods Camp caretaker since 2018, Dennis Carchedi is involved in the building of bathrooms, tables, benches, chairs, and the repairing of windows, porches, docks, etc., as well as the monitoring of camp’s water supply and septic systems.


During camp season each summer, a crew of about 15 people - some paid and some volunteers - work together as teams in the kitchen, on the grounds, in the office to help each session at Pinewoods run smoothly and comfortably. See the jobs page for further information about working on crew.

2019 Crew outing-whale watch

2019 Crew


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