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NGI Scholarship Info

NGI Scholarship Information

Through our New Generation Initiative (NGI) program, Pinewoods Camp supports the growth of the folk arts community by offering scholarships at each of the camp sessions held at Pinewoods. These scholarships are administered by our Program Providers who organize and run sessions at Pinewoods each year. New Generation Initiative (NGI) scholarships are intended for younger campers, between the ages of 15 and 30, who are new to our community or demonstrate financial need, and are interested in leadership roles in traditional music, dance and song.

How it works

Pinewoods Camp provides scholarship funding to the Program Providers who help select scholarship recipients. Program Providers may combine NGI scholarships with other funding sources to create full or half scholarships for each of their sessions.

If you are interested in applying for an NGI scholarship, please contact the Program Provider to register and apply for the session that interests you.

If selected as an NGI recipient, you will:

  • need to have a Sponsor, to answer questions prior to camp and help with registration. (Program Providers can help with finding Sponsors.)
  • be assigned a Mentor at camp, to introduce you to the programs, community and camp life
  • meet with the Executive Director of Pinewoods during the camp session
  • write a Thank You letter within two weeks of the session, outlining your activities and experiences at camp

Recipients are expected to participate fully in classes and activities offered at the session they attend.

Sponsors and Mentors

If you are interested in serving as Sponsor or Mentor for a particular individual or session, please contact the appropriate Program Provider. For further information see 2021 New Generation Initiative (NGI) Youth Scholarship Program Sponsor & Mentor Guide. Note: Sponsors do not have to attend a session with the recipient.

Supporting the NGI scholarship program:

For general question about the NGI program email .
View complete 2021 NGI Rules and Recommendations.

Thank you for your interest in the New Generation Initiative. We hope to see you at camp!