Rules and Regs

For everyone’s safety and comfort, and for the preservation of our camp facilities and environment, please abide by the rules and regulations:

  • No dancing barefoot.
  • No food or drink inside dance pavilions.
  • No amplified sound, no late-night noise.
  • No smoking.
  • No pets, no drugs, no firearms. Do not bring valuable items to camp.
  • When working, crew must wear sturdy shoes and suitable clothing. Kitchen crew must wear head-gear (hair-net, hat, head-scarf), sturdy closed-toe shoes with non-slip tread, and long pants (no shorts, no sandals). Grounds crew must wear protective goggles, gloves, etc., as necessary.

Further details are provided in two other publications:

  • Pinewoods Camp Inc.’s Information For Crew Members; and the
  • Crew Manual

These are available from our Camp Manager.