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NGI Recipient: A. Scott Tribble

Session Attended: CDS Boston Centre - English Scottish Session (2013)

Dear PCI and CDS Boston,

Thank you so much for supporting me, and the Rootbound project, through the NGI scholarship this summer.

ESS was unforgettable.  As a group, Maple Morris and Morris Offspring rehearsed all morning, led porch singing after lunch, taught morris and rapper classes in the afternoon, and then rehearsed some more in the hour before dinner. But that was just the beginning!

That bit of time just after dinner was filled with smaller group rehearsals, and was also the time when I fulfilled my camper job of sweeping the C# floor.  We all had a blast at the evening dances, and then were up for most of the nights leading and joining in the post-dance festivities… including a blind-folded morris dance at skit night.  In the end, we left camp exhausted, elated, and well prepared for the next step of the Rootbound process.

I am grateful that my first opportunity to be a camper at Pinewoods was at this session with so many wonderful people.  I am also grateful that Pinewoods and CDS Boston were so supportive of the Maple Morris and Morris Offspring collaboration.  Rootbound was a great success and an inspiration to all of us participants as well as to younger dancers in the morris community.

Thank you, again.