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NGI Recipient: Allison Gerwitz

Session Attended: Country Dance and Song Society - American Dance & Music Week (2012)

Dear CDSS and Pinewoods,

Thank you so much for granting me the NGI scholarship this year to enable me to attend the American Dance and Music week at Pinewoods. My experience there was wonderful, one that I certainly would love to repeat.

I chose the American week because it was centered around contra; however, the two biggest things I learned had very little to do with contra! My two favorite classes were the piano class and the Lindy Hop class. The instructors were very helpful, accommodating, and encouraging! They never made you feel as if you weren’t good enough, and everyone celebrated even the tiniest victories. What a great learning environment. Not only that, but everyone was always happy and enthusiastic.

The week at camp was my first time traveling or attending a camp alone. As I am somewhat on the shy side, I was really worried that I would be that lonely girl who is always sitting by herself in the corner, and that it would be difficult to find help when I needed it. However, everyone there was extremely welcoming and helpful. Complete strangers invited me to join them in their activities, and mealtimes became like one big family reunion. I made so many friendships, and usually I struggle to  make just one!

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity and granting me the NGI scholarship. I can’t wait to be able to come again with my own friends and introduce them to the wonderful place known as Pinewoods!