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NGI Recipient: Ben Roberts

Session Attended: CDS Boston Centre - Labor Day Weekend (2009)

Dear Pinewoods,

When I was first approached by my fellow Morris dancers about attending Pinewoods this year my first thought was, ‘Will I be able to afford it.’ I’m sure a lot of people these days think that regularly, with the economy the way it is today. I heard stories about how wonderful Pinewoods is, how it was a life changing experience and how they could not wait to go back. I did not really pay any attention to the anecdotes, knowing my family could not afford it, but when I heard there was a scholarship program and how you could work to help compensate for the price, I must admit I grew more interested every day. I had my sponsor help me with the application paper work, and soon enough I was mailing in my application hoping I would make it into the scholarship program. Sure enough a few weeks later I received a reply telling me I was accepted. Even when I left that morning for Pinewoods I did not entirely know what to expect. My stomach was in a knot and I was lost. But as the day went on and I met new and welcoming people I realized there was nothing to be afraid of. I dove right onto the great dance floors and enjoyed every second of my stay. I was dismayed when I had to leave; I was enjoying myself so much, dancing and singing with friends new and old. I learned so much in those few days, lessons and people I will never forget.

Thank you for allowing me to experience such a place and so many great people. I can assure you; I will try my hardest to make it back to Pinewoods next year.

Merci Beaucoup Mon Amis