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NGI Recipient: Catherine Miller

Session Attended: CDS Boston Centre - English Scottish Session (2010)

Thank you so much for awarding me the NGI scholarship for the English Scottish Session! I have been playing for these dances for years now, but never had the occasion to dance more than once or twice. But I’m glad to report that my legs and feet were happy and sore after getting home. I enjoyed every class I took, even the advanced Scottish dance class I accidentally attended. From a beginner’s standpoint, the instructors were amazing, incredibly helpful, and they managed to make you feel like you knew what you were doing. The evening dances were thoughtfully designed so that advanced dancers would enjoy them, and beginning dancers could follow their partner to pick up the steps without much trouble. All this is to say, I’m hooked on English and Scottish dancing now. And it’s the week at ESS Pinewoods that did it.

As a musician, I must comment on the incredible music staff. They gave every dance tune so much life and so many different moods. I would have been happy just listening to them play, except, now I can dance. Between the dance music, fiddle class, tune-swapping with the staff, and jam sessions, there was so much good music to be had. I’m still fairly saturated with it all. Such a rewarding experience.

Now, as far as the camp itself goes, it’s easy to see why people get hooked on Pinewoods. The grounds are beautiful, the folk there are welcoming, and the mind-set there is as happy and care-free as you can get. I feel lucky to have been introduced to this wonderful place, and I plan to come back next year!

Thank you, again and again.