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NGI Recipient: Corinne Holroyd

Session Attended: Country Dance and Song Society - English Dance Week (2016)

Attending English Week at Pinewoods was an amazing experience. Since I’ve only been doing ECD for less than a year so far, I was nervous and excited for the challenge. I also wanted to challenge myself to take as many different types of classes as I could, including Morris, Longsword, Eloquence and Revelation, and the Next Generation meeting. Morris and Longsword were brand new to me, and I enjoyed Morris enough that I’m looking into joining a team. Our final Morris performance was one of the highlights for me as we worked as a group with our teacher to cross sets and put together a new dance. From Eloquence and Revelation, I was able to improve my posture and dancing through focusing on different parts of my body throughout the week.

Receiving one of the NGI Scholarships was one of the highlights of my short – but hopefully long-lived – dancing career. It allowed me to be able to afford coming to this camp after having moved, starting a new career, paying for student loans, and starting a retirement fund. I contributed how I could through the auction and the bookstore. With my time at English Week, I feel more confident to help start a small group on the college campus I work at. I hope this scholarship program continues in the future to help other new dancers like myself. Thank you so much!