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NGI Recipient: Janette Myette

Session Attended: Country Dance and Song Society - Early Music Week (2012)

Dear Pinewoods NGI Committee and CDSS,

My experience at Pinewoods was unforgettably amazing! Thank you so much for providing the NGI scholarship, for without it I would not have been able to attend Early Music Week 2012. Everything was great from the minor to the major details. I felt welcomed by all of the campers and was able make new friends in the early music community. The classes I took were taught by expert faculty and were very valuable to me since I’m fairly new to playing the viola da gamba but would like to continue with the instrument.

One memory of camp that cannot be recreated anywhere else is waking up to the sound of recorders being played out in the woods. With the early morning sun and the beautiful music, the experience felt magical. I am so appreciative of the campers who took the time to get up extra early for our wake-up music.

Speaking about the campgrounds and staff, I was completely amazed. It was wonderful to be out in nature in our cabins and having the lake to go swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. On top of that, all of the dance halls were out in open air. It felt so refreshing with the natural air and lighting. In regards to the food, it was as good as and better than the food I eat with my family, and all my favorite cooking comes from my family’s kitchens so that is saying something. My favorite detail by far were the marbles in the bathrooms. What a great idea! It’s something completely unnecessary and yet it brought me so much joy throughout the day.

A final wonderful surprise I had was the dancing. I knew I would be doing English Country Dancing, but I hadn’t thought of it too much since I was coming primarily for the music. I had such a great time dancing! I looked forward to all of my classes and especially the dance at night when we could all come together laughing and dancing with live music performed by campers and staff. It was fantastic! Now I am looking into continuing dancing in my local community.

Thanks again for the NGI scholarship! I had the best time dancing, playing, and just being around such wonderful people. My week at Pinewoods was the highlight of my summer!