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NGI Recipient: Maya Webne-Behrman

Session Attended: Country Dance and Song Society - Early Music Week (2018)

Thank you very much to both the Pinewoods Camp and the Country Dance and Song Society for helping me attend the CDSS Early Music Week. I gained great friends, a deeper understanding of the intricacies of early music through dance, and witnessed the beautiful connection between human and music in a very organic environment.

At Pinewoods, there were no boundaries. In the mornings, I played medieval music; in the afternoons, I played the bagpipes; and everywhere in between, I learned how to dance English Country style. What a complete joy to have such an array of opportunities!

One of the highlights of the week was learning to play the bagpipes everyday with Christa Patton. My grandfather joyfully marched to the gaita gallega (the Spanish bagpipe) and, while I never met him, I felt a powerful connection while playing this new instrument.

Early Music Week encouraged an environment open to anything. I am pursuing a career in historical performance and was overjoyed with the opportunity to explore many facets of my passion. Through dance, especially, I learned a new and important perspective of the music I play and sing so often.

As a newcomer, I had many questions and uncertainties, but the people of Pinewoods took me under their wing without hesitation and showed me the ropes. At Pinewoods, there is always an outlet for creativity, whether it is learning a new fiddle tune, singing rounds in the kitchen, or impromptu improvisation sessions under the stars. The people at Pinewoods are always creating and it is contagious. I am so honored to have received the NGI Scholarship, so I could have the funds to partake in this transcendent experience.

To say the least, attending the Early Music Week at Pinewoods was inspiring and freeing. Pinewoods seems to attract the kindest, most jovial nerds on the East Coast, which makes for a great time.

Thank you, Pinewoods and CDSS, for the music, the memories, and (of course) the incredible food!