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NGI Recipient: Sally Ruderman

Session Attended: CDS Boston Centre - July 4th Wekkend (2018)

Dear CDS Boston Centre, Pinewoods, and the NGI Committee,
I cannot express my immense gratitude for bringing me to Pinewoods for J4 weekend this summer. I’ve heard tales of Pinewoods for years, and it sounded magical, seemed almost other-worldly, or perhaps just a fairy tale. I was told this spring that “It’s always sunny at Pinewoods!”, referring to the two ponds, with just enough varied shoreline that there is always a sunny spot to go for a swim.
Well, although it was pouring cats and dogs upon my arrival, Pinewoods turned out to be just as magical as I had imagined. Throughout my time there, I explored the grounds, finding new paths and cabins at each turn, took classes of all varieties which I never would have dared to outside of camp, and enjoyed making new friends who it felt like I had known for a lifetime.
I immersed myself in several dance forms which I had minimal knowledge of before coming to Pinewoods, like taking Border Morris and jumping into the excitement of English Ceilidh, laying the ground work in Sean-nos class, and expanding my Rapper repertoire. Each teacher was brilliant, talented, and dedicated to their craft and students. Each class musician had special drive, jump, and fantastic talent for playing for dance in their tunes, making the experience even more enjoyable. I absolutely loved making new friends and meeting new partners at each evening dance, where the calling was fantastic, the company even more so.
I am so grateful and feel so fortunate to have spent this J4 weekend at Pinewoods, which seemed like the chance of a lifetime. I am SO excited that that chance can happen again next summer.
See you at Camp!