Annual Appeal

Our Annual Appeal Letter is sent out in the fall of each year. The Annual Appeal Letter for 2016-17 is below. You can download the donation form Pinewoods Donation Form.

November 11, 2016

Dear Friends,

What is Pinewoods? Campers decribe it as the premier place – the “mecca”- for dancing, learning new traditions, making friends, and building community. There is simply no other place dedicated to traditional music and dance as naturally beautiful, as steeped in tradition, and as able to provide the kind of unique experiences for young and old alike. But that is only the beginning.

We are Pinewoods. We are this place. We are the music in the trees, the light onthe pond, and the synergy on the dance fl oor. Collectively – as campers, crew, staff, and volunteers – we create the memories and the traditions that make Pinewoods strong and vibrant.

In four years we will be celebrating a 100 years of dance and music on Long Pond. One extraordibary woman, Helen Storrow, had a vision to combine nature at its finest, community at its best, and dance as an expression of both and created this unique and special place. Experiences here are heartfelt, hard to explain, and feed us body and soul. The honor of being on the National Historic Register is significant, but it barely captures the precious sum total of all those years, all that music, all that laughter, and all those friends.

We are Pinewoods. And only we can ensure that Pinewoods remains here in thewoods, protected from an increasingly hectic world, for generations to come. The ongoing support from everyone who loves this place, in any amount and in any form, can make it possible. We are protecting, preserving, and sustaininga unique, and increasingly rare setting that can never be replaced.

We are Pinewoods. Together we experience and express the best of our selves and our connection to music, dance and each other. Please join us and support our Pinewoods with a donation today.


Carl Mastandrea

Executive Director

P.S. Help us reach our goal of 100% participation. Every donation is important. Please contribute what you can, no matter the amount, with the enclosed form or on-line at